Friday, April 27, 2012

Lovely Locks

I'm well overdue for a haircut (er ... since I only get three per year, I guess I'm perpetually overdue), so I've been looking for ways to keep my mane from looking like a mangled mess. Since my hair is long enough to attempt some more creative do's, I pulled a few looks I've been wanting to try ...

Natalie's hair in the Miss Dior perfume ads is sweet and sexy at the same time. Tease the crown with some day-old curls, top it off with a pretty bow and voilà! Très chic.

messy braid
With ultra long locks, start a braid at an angle, bringing it around over one shoulder. Running your fingers through the finished braid loosens pieces, the messier the better! (also a great way to extend the life of a shampoo if you don't wash often).

side ponytail
Swipe this summery look from Louis Vuitton by pulling silky soft locks into a low, side ponytail. Curl the face framing pieces away from the face and tie it off with a delicate vintage scarf. (definitely looks best when standing somewhere on the Amalfi Coast with lovely big shades on ... sigh).

images from Pinterest

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