Monday, April 16, 2012

Made With Love

Chicago Style

Beth Nelson

Beth Nelson style

Chicago Style

Chicago Style

The goods:
• silk top from Old Navy

• jeans by J.Brand
• vest, clutch, and sandals from Forever21
• cocktail ring from Topshop
• men's watch
• long necklace from Forever21
• "vintage" crafted necklace

I have a lot of "favorite" items in my closet and accessory collection, but there is one item that shot to the top of the list the moment I received it. This necklace was given to me by Steve's mother for my birthday a few years ago. Inside the jewelry box was a note on how near and dear this piece was to her, since Steve made it for her when he was in grade school! I would have loved it no matter what it looked like, but the gold and neutral colors are amazing (and a surprisingly fashionable choice for a little boy). I'm a very nostalgic person (if that wasn't already clear, since I keep everything), so I will cherish – and wear – this homemade masterpiece forever.

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