Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Backpack Comeback


I was digging through my handbags and found a blast from the past – this old leather backpack I remember loving and using all the time. I'm thinking I'll bust it out this summer, a perfect handsfree pack for festivals, street fairs and flea markets. I've seen backpacks make a comeback over the last year, so I rounded up a few fun option below – some totally attainable, while something like the The Row bag is totally not (with that price tag? I know what you're thinking and the answer is no, it does not come full of gold bricks).


The carryall goods, from left:
• classic black leather bag – $278, available at Coach

• summery striped sack – $155, available on Etsy
• the outrageous touch-with-your-eyes-only bag – $3,900, by The Row

• studded leather backpack – $268, available at Urban Outfitters

• vintage cobalt blue bag – $62, available on Etsy

... and if you think The Row backpack is pricey, check out the alligator version (warning: you should sit down for this one).

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