Friday, May 25, 2012

Fashion Faux Pas

Over the past week, I've shared a few classic pieces that should be in every woman's wardrobe. From the basic pencil skirt, to a crisp button down, these versatile basics keep any look perpetually in style. But with every 'hit' comes a big fat 'miss'. Below are just some of the trends that most of us are guilty of owning at one point ... and I pray never come back.

fashion faux pas

Harem Pants
I still cannot wrap my head around these — loose and comfortable? Sure, but they also appear to be designed to accommodate a full diaper.

fashion faux pas

Square Toe Shoes
I definitely donned this "witch-like" trend in the early 2000's. I know every trend seems fine when it's current, but these did nothing to flatter the foot.

fashion faux pas

The Very Oversized Overcoat
Big in the 80's, these coats were so huge they made women looked like linebackers. The lack of waist definition and addition of voluminous pleats gives the illusion that the owner has a shape like Humpty Dumpty.

fashion faux pas

Ultra Low-Rise Jeans
When Brittany Spears wore jeans so low that a good percentage of her thong was exposed, amazingly the trend took off. Seven Jeans made a pair, along with every major manufacturer, and we wore them! (I should note that I always wore my shirts long enough to cover my underwear, but if there was a gust of wind, hello!).

Ultimately, it's a balance of proportions that makes items stand the test of time. Classics are pieces that flatter the body, instead of distorting a woman's shape, show off her figure (not her flesh). There will of course be more "what was I thinking?" trends, but we will always have these eternal basics to fall back on.

Have a great long weekend! (and hit up the Memorial Day sales for some wardrobe basics!)

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