Monday, May 21, 2012

Clean and Classic

Beth Nelson

Chicago Style

Beth Nelson

Beth Nelson

The goods:
• sweater from J.Crew

• skirt from Zara
• pumps from Aldo
• scarf from Charming Charlie
• vintage earrings and watch
• cocktail ring from Target

I draw inspiration from many sources; fashion mags, old movies, my surroundings, my family, to name a few. I wouldn't necessarily place television at the top of the list (it would be a departure for me, to say the least, if I started channeling a N.J. Housewife), but one program with costumes I'm constantly drooling over is Mad Men. I've posted about the style of Mad Men before, here and here, but the inspirational outfits just keep getting better and better. I wasn't necessarily conscious of it while getting dressed, but it would seem that last night's episode brought out my inner Betty. Inspired by the 1960's, but still clean, crisp, and current, it's proof that classics never go out of style.

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