Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gift Guide: All the Ladies

Below are some fun finds for the lovely ladies in your life — sisters, mothers, best friends — a little something for everyone and at every price point.

The gift goods: 
1. Stripe Arizona wrap. This super soft oversized scarf can even double as a throw blanket  – $60, available here

2. Sephora OPI glitter polish. These sparklers are perfect for the holidays, or just adding pop to any outfit – $28, available here

3. Catbird initial rings. Teeny, tiny, and perfect for stacking (I love and wear mine everyday)  – $52–$88, available here

4. Leather and chain wrap watch. This awesome timepiece doubles as jewelry with metal chains and a comes in a multitude of face and band colors – $108, available here

5. Fashion coffee table books. Two recent releases offer archives of lovely, inspiring fashion photography as seen in Vogue and Harper's Bazaar  – $31 and $40, available here and here 

6. & 7. Envelope clutches — Claire Vivier's stripe clutch is so simple and so beautiful – $148, available here. And this red buckle clutch would elevate any outfit – $36, available here

8. Wishbone bangle. A lovely and simple symbol of luck – $80, available here 

9. Illustrated french cards. These adorable cards cover all of your correspondence needs (or make a cute collage framed on the wall) – $20, available here 

10. Chloé parfume. My personal fave, the perfect blend of girlie and fresh (extra points for the pretty, vintage-style bottle) – $65, available here

11. Sequin scarf. Perfect accessory for holiday parties (and for life) – $55 (20% with code HOLIDAYFIVE thru friday!), available here

12. Kusco-Murphy lavender hair cream. Not only does it smell like you just rolled through a lavender field in Provence, but it's the perfect texturizing cream – $27.50 for a 4oz. tub, available here

Also check out gifts for the hostess and for guys!

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