Monday, December 19, 2011

More Perfect Presents

I had a wonderful birthday weekend, full of fantastic dinners out, lots of laughs, and some of the most thoughtful, amazing gifts. I received two giant boxes of french macarons from my best friends and sister from two of the best places.

One of my very dear friends waited patiently in a 100 person line outside the Ladurée outpost in NYC! She said it was an entertaining mix of people and that the experience was worth it (which was most likely a fib so that I wouldn't feel so bad after all she went through for my sugar fix).
My sister went to my favorite pastry shop in Chicago, Sarah's Pastries & Candies on Oak. The lovely little shop not only has the best macarons in the city, but delightful lunch items as well.

With this array of fine confections, I will be enjoying macarons morning, noon, and night! (which is totally fine by me).

Chicago style

Beth Nelson style

And a good portion my weekend was spent admiring the pure beauty of a bag that Steve gave me ... it could take me a while to believe this is actually mine.

Chicago style

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  1. Happy Birthday!!!!! And what a fabulous treat from your man... gorgeous!!