Thursday, December 15, 2011

Affordable Accessories

Chicago style

Beth Nelson style

Chicago style

Chicago style

The goods:
• denim shirt from J.Crew

• black pants from Forever21
• black wedge booties from Nine West
• leopard scarf from Mikkat Market
• vintage pearl bangle, IGWT gold bangle
• vintage gold belt

I love getting jewelry as much as the next girl (hint to menfolk that a girl can never have enough) ... but some of my favorite pieces didn't come from jewelry boutiques or department stores, but from the bottom of bargain bins at rummage sales and vintage shops. This pearl bracelet and belt both came from a rummage sale (that I gush about here), both priced around $2! Since most current pieces now emulate vintage accessories, why not hunt for the real thing at a reduced price?

Other shops to check out for affordable unique or one of a kind finds are Vintage Underground, Runway Revival and online must, Mikkat Market. And for new stuff, you can't beat Forever21 for super cheap belts, bangles and rings.

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  1. In LOVE with your blog, and style!! So glad Diane sent me your blog link!