Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What's Yours is Mine

Chicago style

Chicago style

Beth Nelson style

Chicago style

The goods:
• white shirt from Mossimo for Target

• brown sweater by French Connection
• skinny jeans from Gap 1969
• brown suede pumps from Oh Deer!
• gold bangles from Coach, IGWT, Banana Republic
• vintage Casio watch

Recently, a couple of friends in same-sex relationships told me about a huge bonus to their cohabitation ... not only are they lucky enough to find a wonderful person to spend their life with, but that individual comes with an entire wardrobe to share, instantly doubling their closet! Steve and I (thankfully) do not shop in the same department ... but that doesn't mean I can't raid his closet for cozy, over-sized sweaters. I tend to grab one of his garments when he is out of town, or when the forecast is chilly, see here, and here. Steve, however, has to stick to his side of the closet ... what's mine is not his.

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