Thursday, January 12, 2012

2012 To Do's

Well, we're almost 2 weeks into 2012 and I feel that if I'm going to actually follow my resolutions in the new year, I had better put them in writing. I'm scrapping my ol' standbys – I'm going to cut out sugar and I'm going to work out everyday – and this year focusing on what I will do instead of what I won't ...

I will ... try my hand at intimidating recipes. I tackled french macarons, and by golly if I can succeed at those, I can take on others! ... like these corn and chive popovers from Smitten Kitchen.


I will ... take more baths. Sounds so simple, but my plan to become a yogi didn't exactly pan out and I believe taking time for yourself is important (and healthy!). Add some of this lavender bath soak and leave the phone in the other room.
lavender bath

I will ... finish projects that I have started. I snagged 2 vintage Steelcase office chairs (the same one pictured below, only mine are yellow), for a mere $4 each! The upholstery just needs a little sprucing up ... that was about 6 months ago. I also found 4 of these which I plan to recover and use as dining chairs – they've been in storage for about a year. I will finish these!

vintage chair

I will ... host more dinner parties. We have a lovely rooftop patio that we only get to enjoy for the short window of summer, and who better to enjoy it with than wonderful friends and family? ... plus, I'll take any excuse to use these custom wine labels!  

dinner party

here's to a happy and healthy new year!

Images from Smitten Kitchen, Terrain, Etsy, and JL Designs


  1. just discovered your blog :-) love it!

    xx Nina

    1. Thanks so much - yours is lovely as well!