Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Shop: Bookman's Alley, Evanston

Tucked [literally] between two busy streets in Evanston, is Bookman's Alley used book store ... though "store" doesn't really describe the magic of this literary wonderland. What looks like a compact, one room shop from the alleyway entrance, goes on and on as if modeled after Harry Potter. From early editions of The Wizard of Oz to African travel books dating back to 1940, Italian cookbooks to Graphic Design texts from the 60's ... it's all there. What makes the atmosphere so inviting are the little vignettes of mid-century and antique furniture and collectibles tucked into each nook and around every turn.

Below are just a few snaps from the book-lover's paradise, which, sadly, is slated to close it's doors after 30 years come March. Until then, all books and prints are 30% off, so grab a bargain book, and hunker down in one of their comfy couches while you still can.  

Bookman's Alley

Bookman's Alley • 1712 Sherman Ave, Evanston ... hurry!

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