Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pinhole Present

Steve is quite the photographer, snapping away when we go on vacations, day trips, and pretty much every event. He's great at capturing, not so great and sharing. So I dug through the black hole of photos on our computer — where all of our memories surely would have been tucked away, never to be seen again — and created two albums for him Christmas. I would love to make this a tradition ... wouldn't a little library of our travels be lovely?

Pinhole Press is a wonderful site that offers beautiful personalized photo products in clean, sophisticated designs. Like other photo sites, it's as simple as clicking and dragging your photos to the page templates. I chose this 6.75" softcover photobook for it's compact size and simple square shape.

Pinhole Press
Paris photosParis photos
Photo albumCalifornia

The books were a hit and everyone loved flipping through a real, hand held album. Below are some other pretty products that I'm loving from Pinhole Press ...

Pinhole Press  
This photo notebook would serve as a friendly face for your friendly reminders

Pinhole Press
Personalized wine labels would be a great convo starter at a dinner party

Pinhole Press 
A meaningful cover shot on a guest book would be incentive for weekend or party guests to fill it with notes!  

Product photos courtesy of Pinhole Press

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