Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Welcome to the 90's

90's style

Chicago style

Beth Nelson style

90's style

90's style

The goods:
• tan sweater from Gap

• vintage burgundy velvet skirt 
• black knee-high boots by Candela
• leopard belt from Forever21
• bangles from Forever21 and IGWT

I borrowed this skirt from my high school-age sister, who shares my love of vintage shopping. She found it at a thrift store for just a few bucks! While she wears it regularly, she originally purchased it for a theme party ... a 90's theme party! She's too young to remember some of the horrid ensembles that people wore (okay – that I wore) back then, so I'm glad she went with this piece, which can make the jump when paired with more modern pieces. 1990's style is, after all, on it's rebound ... let's just hope those platform sneakers don't pop up again (too late).

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