Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Gift of Warmth

Beth Nelson style

Chicago style

Beth Nelson style

Beth Nelson style

The goods:
• gray sweater from J.Crew

• taupe scarf from Stitch
• skinny jeans from Forever21
• vintage skinny belt
• tan booties from Zara
• gold/rhinestone earrings from Temptation

2012 is starting out on the chilly side (only in Chicago do we call 40s mild, ugh), so I'm wrapping myself in cozy wool pieces today. I received this sweater as a Christmas gift (which I also received in white from my brother, man do my friends and family know me well or what?). Like it's counterpart, it's super soft and warm, and paired with this scarf loop, may just be perfect combo after a long holiday weekend. 

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