Monday, March 19, 2012

Urban Bargain

Beth Nelson

Beth Nelson style

Chicago Style

Chicago Style

The goods:
• top from UO

• wideleg pants from H&M
• necklaces from Vintage Underground 
• espadrilles from Target
• bangles from J.Crew and Banana Republic

We took advantage of this summery weekend by hanging out on our rooftop and driving top down (I even have the pink hue to prove it). With these temps come the summer tops, like this one from Urban Outfitters ... which always has pretty, feminine, and flowy tanks. And this weekend I made a divine discovery, the Urban Outfitters Outlet! The shop that used to sit on Clark at Fullerton moved to Diversey, but they kept the old space as their bargain basement (and I mean bargain ... sweaters and tops for $10, dresses for $20, shoes for $25, men's t-shirts for $5 a pop!). It would seem I'm the last to know about it as the place was packed with shoppers, but I'll be checking there first from now on (especially since I saw a table of green jeans that they currently carry in the regular store). A new fave frugal find.


  1. I've never been a huge Urban Outfitters fan, but I am a fan of bargains! I'll have to check out the outlet.

    1. It's definitely worth a check at those prices!